Table FlowersAs a measure to test the quality of the services we provide, we continually ask the question: ‘Is the Home good enough for our mothers/fathers/grandmothers/grandfathers?’ If not – then it is not good enough for our residents. 

We always make sure that residents get as much choice in their lives as possible, whether it be the colour scheme in their room, the desire to go on an outing or just choosing what they want to eat for the day. Staff will always assist with maximising residents choice. Our philosophy is never to say ‘no’ but think ‘how’ instead.

We continually encourage residents to take the lead in telling us what we need to do to improve, through conversations, questionnaires and complaints etc. We always appreciate any feedback. We regularly ask residents how they would like to give us their feed back and how they would like to be involved in the decision making and creative thinking process we promote at Summerhayes. We have a  suggestions/comments box by the front door which all residents and Stakeholders are encouraged to use if they wish to make suggestions or comments anonymously.

A large proportion of the policies relating to the day-to-day routines at Summerhayes have evolved from the suggestions and requests of our residents and this is an on-going practice. Summerhayes is run for the benefit of its residents, and not for the convenience of Staff.  All we do and the way we do it should, therefore, be lead by you.  We welcome your suggestions and ideas at all times.