Common Questions

1. What happens if I become ill?
If any of our residents become ill they can be cared for at Summerhayes unless their doctor decides differently or they become unable to be cared for in our facility for some reason. We have a very competent team of staff who are experienced in recognising signs and symptoms associated with illness. We have a very good working relationship with the community doctors, nurses, physios, occupational therapists and social workers, mental health teams.

2. When can any family and friends visit?
As Summerhayes is your home, there are no restrictions and visitors are welcome at anytime, although we do ask where possible to avoid mealtimes unless you intend to dine also. This can be arranged in advance if desired and will incur a £5 fee for lunch or supper.

3. Can I come and go as I please?
Residents are free to come and go as they please.  All we ask is that you let us know that you are going out and when you return.

4. Can I Smoke?
No smoking is allowed inside the Home. Staff will assist residents outside if they wish to smoke.